Quick Run and More

Try This on your off day from the Garage.


Run an out and back - 10 min out and 10 min back. Every 2 min. stop and do 10 burpies.

Based on your condition level and time set aside adjust out and back to 15 min (total of 30 min)

Also invent your own interval element to add. Here are a few more ideas: Pushups, squats, jumping jacks, situps, jumping squats, jumping lunges or lunges, knee tucks.

or combo of any two. I suggest at least 10 for each element.

Note: you may adjust interval to 1 min. or if you run a 30 min out and back adjust to every 5 min. (use combo for 30 min time)

The purpose is not to make it too mentally challenging for you if it prevents you from running. Just a out and back is great.