A Place to Start

Here, we’re about new beginnings. We need to consider making new beginnings many times in our lives. They need not be rare. We suggest making them common and frequent. Over the years, we’ve discovered another person can spark a fresh start. It may only take the right word, and soon, you’re inspired to start again, knowing it’s what you need to do. Below are a few people who are inspiring us.

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"Jim pays attention to you, your physical state and what you can accomplish at that moment and over time, as your fitness improves. Read that again: he pays attention to YOU. That's the differentiator between going to a gym or a big spin class or something, then going to the Garage - careful workouts, tailored to what you can do, with an eye towards improvement over time."
- Gabe Olsen

"I love the positive attitude at the Garage. Jim is a great encourager who creates workouts for everyone. It is not a one size fits all gym. My boys (ages 13&10) are also members of the Garage and love it. Jim is so patient teaching them the proper fundamentals as well as pushing them to be better."
 - Mike Parisi
"What I enjoy and appreciate, besides having Jim as my trainer, is the friendship and encouragement I receive when I train at The Garage. As a "senior" i love watching and applauding the capabilities of the young, and by the same token, it is such fun to get high fives and shouts of 'good job' from them. Jim seems to have eyes both in front of his face and the back of his head, so he is aware of what each of us are doing, no matter the level of our ability."
- Harriett Charno

“I have really enjoyed going to the Garage and working out with Jim and the rest of the clients. I have always enjoyed group fitness, but needed a different challenge and this has certainly given me that! Jim is a great motivator and a positive coach. He takes great care to make sure we are all using the correct form so as not to injure ourselves. I have seen a vast improvement in my strength and overall energy since starting about 4 months ago. It’s a great place to work out!”
- Carrie Murray

The Garage is a perfect place to reach your goals. For me, I was a runner and I wanted to improve my running by increasing core strength and muscles that would improve my form. I wanted to improve both my speed and my endurance.

"Jim helped me achieve these goals, setting personal bests in my 5k time. With longer runs like marathons, I felt stronger which allowed me to enjoy them and recover more quickly. My workouts at The Garage are a key component of my long term goals of running a full marathon in every state and being the most fit version of me I can be."
- Chris Jones 

"My exercise activity over the last 15 years has centered mostly around running in a small group. Not too long ago, it was apparent that running alone was not giving me as much physical benefit as it had in the past. My wife's cousin had suggested I connect with Jim Bates and 'The Garage.' I'm glad I did. Upon first meeting Jim, he brought me in to evaluate the challenges I was having with running and my posture. His suggestions to add myofascial release has been monumentally helpful. In the 4+ months I have been working out at The Garage, I have lost 25 pounds, built strength, improved my posture and sped up my running pace by almost one full minute per mile! I can keep up with my kids and have even kept in contact with Jim when I have been on vacation. The environment and positive atmosphere at The Garage is a great overall experience. The small groups of three to five people allow Jim to offer personally focused consultation, and fellow workout partners are there to provide support and encouragement! Jim truly cares about the people he works with and that has made all the difference! I'm so glad to be a member of The Garage."
- Brian Murray